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Install FLAC.exe

Trying to RIP CDs in FLAC to my Windows 10 laptop.

When I try to RIP Foobar200 wants the FLAC.exe

I followed this:-

which lead to this:_

I ran the  exe and got a dialog screen asking for the Foobar installation folder:-

But not in C:\Program Files (86)\foobar2000 not in C:\Program Files\

So I can't install FLAC.

Any advice please?

Re: Install FLAC.exe

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In the freeecoderpack install dialog, browse to whatever folder you DID install Foobar2000 to, choose that, and hit OK.  If you actually can't find the folder just do a Windows search for "foobar2000" that should get you there.

Re: Install FLAC.exe

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Eventually found this:-

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Resolute.foobar2000_1.6.60.0_x86__cg7j1awqsza28\foobar2000.exe

So pointed FLAC.exe to:-

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Resolute.foobar2000_1.6.60.0_x86__cg7j1awqsza28

Now get message "error opening file for writing"?

What next please?

Re: Install FLAC.exe

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Now get message "error opening file for writing"?
What next please?
Do what Brazil2 said--uninstall the Windows Store version of Foobar and install the regular version from the Foobar website.  The Store version puts the files into folders that are isolated by Windows permission hierarchies and cannot be manually updated/modified, that's why you got the error message.

Re: Install FLAC.exe

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Although technically, you can install the Encoder Pack literally anywhere, as long as you install the Converter component in foobar and point its converter tool search path to wherever you installed the pack.


Re: Install FLAC.exe

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Thank you. Foobar2000 now ripping to FLAC.

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