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Hi guys, I have a new question...  :D I want to rip a cd with first hidden track but I can't copy that track with EAC. With CueRipper I can copy with hidden track. With EAC I tried with image but nothing. How should I do?
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Re: HTOA with EAC

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Hi Korth, I tried to copy with index-based option but create also gap divided. Why EAC can't copy hidden track like CueRipper?
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Re: HTOA with EAC

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You should ask the developer. EAC's sister program Easy Audio Copy can extract HTOA[1]as a track but can only rip to WAV, FLAC and/or MP3 and isn't free.
Assuming the drive used is capable of reading before track 1. If the drive used is not capable of reading before track 1, the extraction of HTOA may be incomplete or not possible at all.


Re: HTOA with EAC

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Uhm...I noticed that CueRipper rip last 2 track in one tracks. In the end I ripped normally with Eac and ripped hidden track separately in index track mode. It's a shame eac can't copy hidden tracks well.
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