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Most worrying is how it absurds the term lossless with your purchase.
I am not sure how good watermarking hides itself. Since it must survive even lossy coding i can't imagine it is a good thing.
I doubt i have much watermarked music but people that use lossy versions of their watermarked files may get audible problems more easy.

I'm not sure how I should think about that now. I just want to enjoy music but knowing that there could be audible watermarks in my tracks, decreases the joy..

Although I might (mostly) be unable to hear it, I am still biased now. So I guess the best thing could be going back to buying CDs, no matter which label is selling the music.

On the other hand I try to get the thinking in my head: just forget about that and concentrate on what's most important: the music. It's hard to get that thinking, there's a fight in my head and my heart.

Are there any improvements on watermarking technology over the past few years? I could imagine Universal now having eventually better algorithms for watermarking, so it could be *really* inaudible. I'm hoping that and if someone could help me find some more current information on that, it could really help me getting out of the struggle of bias.
In my case I am coming from a combination of foobar2000/jaikoz/mp3tag on primarily mp3/flac/ogg files and they seemed to work fairly well with each other on the diff formats in terms of understanding metadata that each other wrote.
I installed lq and compared to just about all the other players (available for linux, still doesn't compare to fb2k...) out there I quite like it but there will certainly be a learning curve.
First thing is ratings I guess. All my music, which I have ratings mostly 3, 4, and 5 are showing up as either 0 or 5 nothing else. Actually all my FLAC and ogg files are showing up as 5 star and mp3/aac files as 0 start. I am pretty much positive that a fair number of the ones marked as 5 star are not correct (I would never have marked as 5) so I am a bit stumped. Also moods and various other info are not showing up, artist, album, title yes all seem correct, everything else I tagged on win using foobar2000/jaikoz/mp3tag no... is there anyway to work around this?
I tried posting to the ql github issues page but got no response, I did find this post but to be honst its a bit too tech for me to understand.
Thoughts? Please.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Windows Audio Calibration
Last post by DVDdoug -
The biggest difference in "sound quality" between microphones is usually frequency response.    But, most professional mics are directional so you'll pick-up more "direct sound" and less noise with a directional/cardioid mic.

I also managed to "copy" calibration to cheap Panasonic Condenser Mics (2-3 EUR) without any additional electronics and the result is quite good, difference is only hard-noticeable when a quality Audio DAC is used (where I believe the problem is that I calibrate a particular Mic to a particular laptop input, which is standard lo-quality sound card).
I assume you mean 'ADC'. ;)

The mic preamps built into laptops & consumer soundcards are often noisy and they are unbalanced (2-wire) which only work with cheap "computer mics".    If you boost any frequencies with EQ, you'll boost the noise, making it even worse.

Stage & studio mics use a balanced (3-wire) connection and studio condensers require 48V phantom power (Electret computer mics use 5V power.).  So, you can't  use a cheap computer mic with a good USB audio interface, preamp, or mixer.  For quality recording (from a microphone) I consider a "regular soundcard" to be generally useless.    (For recording line-level sources many regular soundcards are adequate, but most laptops don't have line-in.)
General - (fb2k) / Re: MQA, Dragonfly, & Foobar
Last post by ctbarker32 -
Disable all DSPs (if any), disable replaygain, set volume to 100% and try again.
Thanks for the suggestions but I have tried all of these and they do not have any effect.
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by bennetng -
Very good to say the least. The quantity 10 piece price of this part on the spot market appears to be about a $buck.  It appears to easily equal or better the CardDeluxe that ran about $400 back in the day, and some of the better eMu and M-Audio devices that were around $150-200 within the decade.
The RMAA tests are used to validate my videos, in order to show the Realtek is fully functional. Realtek clearly knows how to make things cheap and good.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
1) This only supports javascript. That looks like .net??
2) Not possible, see 1.
3) It's unique to the component. See docs\preprocessors.txt

EQs are 1, room calibrators - absolutely different story. Most audiophiles don't like EQs.

The reason why is the massive propaganda campaign. When equalizers first showed up in consumer gear, dealers told me that they feared that consumers would use them to make cheap gear sound as good as expensive gear.  The response was years of propaganda, some of which appears to be reflected below:

And it's normal - they make linear response but phase is totally out of sync - not like sound but more like a noise with a particular frequency. On other hand additional phase correction (+ resonance canceling as a bonus) always make better sound even on a hi-end system (as no system is absolutely in sync thru the whole response). Removing that "correction" (a bad word for audiophiles) makes the sound ugly, unclear and so... I tested tenths of systems including hi-end ones... almost no exception... only one - it was an auto-correcting car amplifier where nothing can help consistently.

As long as the phase errors are equal in both channels, not much chance of hearing them unless they are massive - high triple digit in degrees or above.

If the errors are dynamic, also not a lot of chance of hearing them, even if pretty massive. 

Above about 1 KHz the ears lack any hardware to perceive phase, and such perceptions of phase that might be heard, are usually heard due to possible frequency response errors that the phase errors might create.

So, like I said, the propaganda about phase and equalizers is very pervasive and people mostly have to be educated to grow out of it.
Thank you for this update! The frame no longer resizes--and keeping the image window open was a great improvement!

>>Thank you for using!

A small suggestion--is it possible to remove the top bar from the video window? The one that has the Chimera(EVR) and the minimize/maximize/close buttons.


Chimera(foo_video) Ver.

[add]Add to Advanced Option.(VideoPlayer_RemoveTitlebar)
[change]When press to Esc Key, changed to VideoPlayer's movement.



3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by marc2003 -
The code that checks MBIDs are valid expects lower case characters. The first 7 begin with a capital F.