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The end is here! Digital as we know it with our standard PCM accurate DACs no longer are able to judge sound quality.
Time to classify everything i have at home as vintage digital pre-MQA age junk.
The first post is completely useless with no links at all, and most links in the second post are dead. I didn't look into other posts but they should be more or less the same as they are all posted in 2003-2004.

Could someone update or unpin the FAQ? Thanks.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Atmasphere -
Wow. Just - wow.

So- when asked if you could just answer the question, which answer might be something like 'I used the legacy cartridge for 'x' reason', you can't just answer, instead feel the need to obfuscate by spewing personal attacks. Sheesh.

How about this: instead of attaching meaning where none existed (because I really was curious why you thought that was important), how about just answer the question? Is that so hard?

I'm thinking right now that you think that answering would make you look bad, so you won't answer the question honestly.

Just a little pointer here, since it might help you run your life: The most powerful motivator in the world is the need to look good, failing that, the need to not look bad. On top of that is the knowledge that if you don't take things personally, then you live with less stress.  I don't take your attacks personally at all because its very clear its not my problem. Just look at the first 2 sentences of this paragraph, reflect on them, take a deep breath and calm down.

And then answer the question without obfuscation. If you are unable to do that we are then in agreement that you are not interested in the truth, as your motivation to look good is so overwhelming that you are willing to contradict yourself (like our president).

Y'know, I when I see that's what you're up to I pass over your attacks. So I miss actual content. If you can lay off the attacks, then I can read your entire post. I think you will find that I'm not as ignorant as you think (I have a degree too, just like you).

I did notice that you did not contest my comments about cartridge loading and preamp stability....
Nyquist? I always think that MQA is anti-Nyquist.
Should I expect sound leakage from them?
Yes, they are open back.
So where does this fit?

We shall see. Unlike you, I just analyze and test the evidence.
Oops. I have just discovered that I made an error.  :-[
I am man enough to admit it.
But before I reveal my mistake, let's see if the guy who likes to analyse and test the evidence can discover what it is.

Honestly, I didn't do this on purpose as bait, but what the heck - may as well see what transpires.
General Audio / Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?
Last post by Sunhillow -
I guess you are searching for EncSpot Pro
For $18k it better lift a lot of veils.
You know, I was just thinking that my system needed more odd-order harmonics...