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How can I make my files even smaller?

Cliff notes: Can I make -1 produce an even smaller file size?

Howdy all,

I record seminars (mostly vocal, sometimes music feeds too) for my company, I know about speex but unfortunetly, speex has such little support out there that the closest I can get to doing this right is compressing in Vorbis. I also compress to mp3, which is the most popular download anyway. (BOOO!!!!)

Anyway, here is my oggenc command that I execute against MONO audio files:

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oggenc -q -1 -o /path/to/output/file.ogg /path/to/original/source.wav

WAV file: 533.6MB
Vorbis file: 28.9MB

Bitrate (vorbis): 32 KBit/s (nominal)

Are there any techy settings that will allow me to get a smaller file size?

My whole goal in this is to keep up a good argument for mp3 vs ogg downloads. The Mp3 versions of my recordings are always around ~15MB and my Vorbis files are ~30mb

Thanks so much. I've been lurking for a while and today I became a member!


How can I make my files even smaller?

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-1 itself will produce a certain bitrate with certain settings, you can't make a file smaller without changing it's quality. You can go below -1 however, and still produce very acceptable results for voice.

Try using Oggenc2.6. This particular link uses the latest&greatest aotuv b4 encoder, and supports-q-2 for even lower bitrates.

Another thing you might try is resampling, try something like this:

oggenc2.exe -q-2 --resample 16000 -o /path/to/output/file.ogg /path/to/original/source.wav

I'm getting 16.7 kbps when testing the above on a piece of music (mono), and 19.8 kbps with -q-1

Oh, and you could just not offer MP3 files.  If people want to play ogg on their computer using just windows media player, i recommend Illiminable's directshow filters

Hope this helps!
Veni Vidi Vorbis.

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