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Custom tag remapping

Hi! I have a fairly convoluted set up for translating the tites non-english music:
%title% (original language title)
%title english% (official english title of the music)
%title translate% (unofficial translation of the title)
%title latin% (latinization of the original title if its not in a latin script)

its quite the hassle to have to constantly enter a long string of $if statements for title formatting. I read about the automatic tag remapping that foobar does (i.e. the %album artist% tag checks for %album artist%->%artist%->%composer%->%performer%) and was wondering if there was any way to write custom scripts like these for use in foobar? i cant seem to find any discussion on this topic anywhere.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Re: Custom tag remapping

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The equivalent is $if3() with as many fields as you like - it returns the first one that is tagged. For that reason you probably want to put fields in reverse order of most often tagged. i.e. if %title% is always tagged, put that one last.

Code: [Select]
$if3(%tag1%,%tag2%,%tag3%,%tag4%,no tag found)