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TiMidity++ User Friendly installer

Download "Scala (Huygens Fokker)" to save your scales in .tbl format:

This is the presentation of the user friendly interface:

Re: TiMidity++ User Friendly installer

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Installer easier to read (no significant changes).

Re: TiMidity++ User Friendly installer

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Improved "Set scale.vbs" and "Set SoundFonts.vbs"

Re: TiMidity++ User Friendly installer

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A new musical scale invented by me has been set as the default scale, so it will be heard when playing a MIDI file. It is a non 12-TET scale and not A=440 Hz (but C=256 Hz).
Bug fixed in "Set scale.vbs" and "Set SoundFonts.vbs": the error in "Restore the default soundfont", "Restore the default scale (the new default scale is used)" and "Clear the scale configuration (new option, so the classic 12-TET 440 Hz is implicitly used)" has been fixed.

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