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[crashware] foo_chronflow

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****no *** All i can tell you, that I'm ordering GDI+ to use anti-aliasing and then convert that to a texture. So there has to be something wrong with GDI+. Maybe it's because it's ignoring the parameter and using cleartype.

*edit* forget that: your GPU has problems with the transparency. Try a new driver version.

[crashware] foo_chronflow

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Hey Chronial !!!
Please add embedded Metadata cover support! :-(

[crashware] foo_chronflow

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Ok Thanks very much for the quick reply Chronial. I appreciate that it must be a pain answering these kind of questions. I'll try messing around with the drivers.

Is anyone else using a Radeon X1300 Pro? If so, what Catalyst Control center or card driver are you using?


[crashware] foo_chronflow

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I feel slightly late to the party. I'd like to congratulate Chronial on the great plugin first off. Second off, I'm wondering if anyone can help me achieve an effect similar to the one in this picture:

Obviously only pertaining to the view of the Chronflow component itself. Either the code itself if someone happens to have it, or even know where I can find it, or even some tips on what I should be changing. I've been messing around for about an hour now with precious little luck.


[crashware] foo_chronflow

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If I remember correctly, all they did was using the default config and rotating the view to the side.

[crashware] foo_chronflow

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The text under the cover art in Chronflow is very ... hmm ... how should I explain... just take a look at the screenshot.

I have exactly same problem. It appeared suddenly yesterday, before it was perfect. Any solutions?

Same here (everything else works fine)

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your brilliant plugin, Chronial!

I have same problem before.If you use ATI card,try to install older driver.
I install 8.6

[crashware] foo_chronflow

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chronflow does not run on Windows 7, a popup is displayed about some missing graphic information ...

[crashware] foo_chronflow

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chronial, im new to foobar. im trying to get it to look really cool. but chronflow v.3(from 1st post) isnt working for me. as soon as i try to add it as a panel, foobar freezes up and i cant do anything so i have to kill the process with task manager.
please help