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Validated News / Re: WavPack 5.7.0 Release
Last post by Wombat -
I wonder, given how FLAC builds differ in speed, ... @Wombat , @john33 , is it sufficiently easy to build with different compilers?
I can't guarantee anything for these binaries because it is my first compile for WavPack.
I simply used the additional flags for the gcc compiller i use for flac.
For flac some recommended additional flags did nothing and i left them out so for WavPack there may be better flags.
It is an AVX2 build, gcc 13.2.0 and not really faster on my first simple test.
When bryant dislikes the idea of offering unofficial builds the admins shall delete this, please.
Besides this i fear running out of attachement space. Where can i check this?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
Hi @NewLeaf42,

glad you like the new Georgia-ReBORN and you noticed it has faster performance.

A grid view would be kind of a neat experiment for the future, maybe? I remember esplaylist had something like that, years ago.

I'm not sure what you mean by that? Actually the metadata display in the Details panel was designed as a grid.

I used the "restore backup" function, and at first my player crashed a couple of times (I have a huge collection), but the 2nd or 3rd time it worked - the only difference was my custom font sizes were not remembered.

I have made a test backup with various different font sizes changed, then reset to default font sizes, and after I restored the backup
all font sizes were correct as previously set. Plus I never had any crashes during making a backup or restoring it.

As I said earlier, I found that there wasn't a lot of room on the left side pane for details such as composer credits, or even more than 2 record label names without it appearing cluttered. So, on my 4K monitor, my strategy is to set Georgia to HD (1080p) size and turn all of the fonts all the way up. I think that should be a preset because it actually looks really nice this way. Personally I like to have foobar on display in one corner while I have my internet browser or IDE or something else on the other half of the screen. I can't be the only one!

There are actually already size presets, for all resolutions modes ( Options > Display ), they are the predefined player sizes ( Options > Player size ).
You can also use another layout ( Options > Layout > Artwork or Compact ).

I will be reading more about what changes you made, but good job on the theme, TT, I like it a lot. If there was one request I could make it would be if you could maybe make a short video on how to navigate the playlist manager, because I was having some trouble with it on the previous versions. This new feature of having a drop-down menu when I click on the playlist seems a lot more intuitive, so that's good.

Yes, the Georgia-ReBORN website with its documentation is in the works, but it is a lot of work...
In the meantime, if you want to learn about the playlist manager, you can check the FAQ:
How do I create playlists and access the playlist manager?

General - (fb2k) / Re: how uninstall correctly dsp component and logarithmic volume step?
Last post by fooball -
Why the heck would anyone want a linear volume control?!

What you want is a volume control which is linear in dB, which is what (to all intents and purposes) a logarithmic control achieves.  The reason for this is that human hearing has a logarithmic response: a linear perceived increase in volume is actually logarithmic in terms of power.
Listening Tests / Re: Great killer sample, easy to ABX on most codecs
Last post by Markuza97 -
@Kraeved I can see that you have been very active for the past couple of days.
Don't get me wrong - I think you are making your life harder instead of enjoying the music.

Based on your signature, I can see that you are resampling everything to 44.1 kHz.
Most audio devices today have mixer configured to use 48 kHz. This can cause clipping because of resampling.

I want my files to be equally loud. Sometimes peaks can cause little bit of clipping.
Is it worth to reduce whole file by couple of dB when you can instead use limiter to fix small clippings?

There are many different decoders for lossy files. They can also cause clipping.

Why don't you simply use FLAC and be done with it?
Validated News / Re: WavPack 5.7.0 Release
Last post by bryant -
Ah, I had just about drafted a post. Oh well...   :)

The only thing I'd like to add is many thanks to the HA community for the continued encouragement and specifically to @bennetng  for the idea on improving compression of 32-integer files and @Porcus for ideas on just about everything!

As I mention of the GitHub page I switched to MinGW builds because they were consistently faster than MSVC. However, this was only on the order of 10% or so, and on the very heavy encoding modes (-x4-6) there was essentially no improvement. And this makes sense because that's overwhelmingly the invariant hand-coded MMX. So I imagine that there will be differences between compilers, but probably not on the scale seen with FLAC.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Open Files without automatically starting playback
Last post by tfbar27 -
I haven't yet looked at the library features of FB, but I'll take a look at that sometime.  The way I'm currently doing the integrity checking is good enough and I'm now used to doing it this way. Also about finished with the files I started out to check.

Thanks for the reply and giving me more incentive to take a look at the library features. Been using MediaMonkey for many years and I am quite happy with it, but it's always nice to take a look at new things.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: A new resampler DSP for foobar2000
Last post by Kraeved -
@seventhstart, I use the settings you mentioned.

Of course, I'd like to better understand things like
a) minimum vs linear phase in the resampler and
b) TPDF with highpass vs noise-shaped dithering.

The knowledge about sound that travels from article to article is often a set of slang words like a ringing artifact — a rare expert tries to build a bridge to the common people with the help of vernacular language and clearer metaphors (think Carl Sagan, a popularizer of astronomy).

But no doubt, our current conversion setup produces good results.