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Post by: Dynamic on 2008-10-09 16:14:17
This pair of tiny command line utils I compiled on an old DOS/Windows3.1 machine were intended to split large files into small portions for use with small capacity floppy disks or emails/usenet attachments etc. and to merge them at the other end. (It won't delete the original file)

You could install these in C:\Windows\system or somewhere else in your PATH.

Run either command from the commandline prompt (Start/Run/cmd.exe) for usage info.

If you have a problem file, for example an MP3 that may be corrupted and you wish to submit just the first 4 kB for analysis (to avoid copyright infringement), use the command:

Code: [Select]
split filename.mp3 4096 splitmp3

This will create a large number of files starting with splitmp3.000 then splitmp3.001 etc.

You could then use:
Code: [Select]
rename splitmp3.000 first4kB.mp3
del splitmp3.*

to keep the first file and delete the files you don't want. Then post first4kB.mp3 (which is the first part of your mp3) in the Uploads forum for the developers to analyse.