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foo_musical_spectrum - Broken on Windows 11

apologies for making an entire thread about this, but apparently i'm not the only one with this issue...

i was just wondering if anybody had a fix for this. ever since i upgraded to Windows 11, the Musical Spectrum component is incredibly choppy and laggy if you have any other components running — sometimes to the point where it's not even synced with the music. it worked perfectly fine on Windows 10 regardless of how busy my layout was.

i know the component is really old so i don't believe we'll ever see a fix from its developer. huge shame, it's undoubtedly the best spectrum visualizer out there.

while i'm here, i may as well share some findings in my effort to fix this problem. hopefully this helps some of you!

fixes that didn't work:
  • compatibility mode (because it's never that simple, right?)
  • changing the channels to just FL FR
  • enabling hardware acceleration for visualizations in foobar preferences (this actually made it worse, i'll elaborate below)
  • enabling hardware acceleration for foobar as a whole in Windows settings
  • tinkering with literally any of the settings
  • switching between Default UI and Columns UI; the issue persists
  • resizing the spectrum, even making it tiny.

temporary fixes:
  • an extremely barebones layout that only uses one lightweight component (such as Facets), or foobar's default playlist/library viewers. this eliminates all lag. hardware acceleration makes it lag no matter what, regardless of how barebones your layout is.
  • if you have components that 'update' with playback of a different song (such as lyricshow3 or coverflow), the component stops lagging after playing the same song a couple times.


Re: foo_musical_spectrum - Broken on Windows 11

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Same issue here. I also attempted to troubleshoot following similar patterns of logic, but sadly couldn't find a reliable way to restore a stable framerate.
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