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Topic: in_mad v2 Winamp MAD MP3 input plugin (Read 155215 times) previous topic - next topic
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in_mad v2 Winamp MAD MP3 input plugin

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My modest 30 year experience in mid-fi tells me that the decoded sound I am experiencing (via SPDIF + external receiver) is crisp, transparent and has definitely an improved sound stage imaging. I am not in the position of making AB tests, but my intuition tells me...

Wrong to LOL?

in_mad v2 Winamp MAD MP3 input plugin

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Version from Winamp site has serious issues with Russian ID-3 tag support. Some titles appear as empty or as in "wrong encoding"... Was this problem fixed in this release?

in_mad v2 Winamp MAD MP3 input plugin

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Anybody still here?
First of all thanx for the plugin. Now here comes my problem:
i use mad plugin 0.1501 beta and also the classic spectrum analyzer, it happens that the spectrum always starts 2 seconds before the song and it's really annoying, it doesn't make sense using it anymore but i really like it and i've already tried all kind of combinations with no result. The spectrum works fine with flac files or another mp3 plugin so i'm pretty sure the problem is mad plugin. any idea?