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1by1 1.29

File Description:
1by1 is a small MP3 player that plays whole directories and whole drives of MP3 without any playlist.

Changes in Current Version:

Wave device selectable
Free file movement with Ctrl+Page up/down
Directory re-scan with F5
Plugin recognition error fixed
Some other modifications and corrections
Hubba hubba zoot zoot...

1by1 1.29

Reply #1
1 compliment, 1 question, and 1 request:

1. this prog becomes more and more usable - it's my standard player now. tnx and keep up the good work!!!
2. how to turn of the random-feature???
3. I am still searching for a player who can play my albums random, but the songs in them normally. I've put all my filez in directory's, it whould be cool if 1by1 could choose the directory random, but the filez not. a random-button in the left pane, so to say. 

anyway... cool prog, starts damn fast...
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1by1 1.29

Reply #2
Hehe a perfect player for all those who don't like bloat!  Anyways great work! I use this on my notebook as my standard player.

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