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compaact! 1.2

dicas and zplane released version 1.2 of compaact! MPEG-4 AAC multichannel encoder. include the encoding of multiple files on the fly with compaact! [mass encoder], two-click encoding via the explorer context menu, and higher encoding quality at low bitrates. Details of the release can be found at

The new version itself can be found at:

The upgrade to version 1.2 is for free for registered compaact! users.

Best Regards,

compaact! 1.2

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Thanks for the update Alexander. Looks nice!

compaact! 1.2

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two-click encoding via the explorer context menu, and higher encoding quality at low bitrates.
  most of my mp4s are lower bitrates for my website. *off to DL the latest update*

compaact! 1.2

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Evaluation version download recently does not work well in non-default themes.  I use NT4 (so themes are really only color settings) and I cannot see any text on the white canvas other than the orange text, and the text on the gray buttons.  Radio buttons have no text, sliders no text, under the << > >> no text, the register/eval dialog had no text.  I would upload a picture but I see no option for uploads.  You can see for yourself maybe if you change the theme.

Going by the screenshot at your page I see there is no text under << > >>, but the group boxes labels and text within is not visible.

compaact! 1.2

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Hmm, sounds weird. Please send me an email with a screenshot. It would also help me if you could give me more information about your display/theme/font settings.


Edit: typos

compaact! 1.2

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It's not fonts, but colors.  NT4 has many themes, or you can customize.  Pick from each of the built in themes and you can see how badly things appear in your program.  I just picked HIGH CONTRAST and while I could make out the text, it was white text on light grey canvas.  I did not investigate much more.

compaact! 1.2

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Ok, I see. The font colour changes with the theme, but not the background colour. This can be changed in future versions, I will have a look at that.


I never realized how UGLY most of these themes are. Brrrr. (Just my personal opinion)