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Customizability of Mac version

I migrated to an Mac M1 mini recently and was excited to see there's a Mac version. But alas, all (most?) components are made for Windows.

Even so, it's still quite useable for me. There are not a lot of great choices for the Mac. I've looked at a bunch of them, Dopamine, Colibri, Swinsian, among others. Swinsian doesn't seem to support DSP even though it's paid. Colibri doesn't have library management. The best is probably audirvana. It's pretty slick but it's either $120 for 2yr support or $7/month subscription. Pretty stiff. Yet it doesn't allow changing DSP during playback, which FB does. I'm on the free trial but I probably won't buy it.

So I'm wondering if there are ANY components for the Mac version, or if component support is planned for the mac. If not, would the devs consider adding more features to the main app. I know the whole idea is to have a very barebone app out of the box and everything is built on components and plugins. But in view of the mac and maybe mobile apps not supporting components, maybe a more fleshed out app would be helpful? It would even be more welcoming to newbies and casual users who may not want to dive into all the customization.

Of course then you get into the sticky problem of what "more fleshed out" entails. This could lead to endless fighting over what should go into the base version. I personally would like to see a stop button, because I use exclusive mode and need to stop the music to release the audio device. A way to increase the font size in the default view. And a browse by file structure library view. (I can already hear objections to the last one).

Anyway, just a few thoughts I wanted to throw out there for comments. Thanks for reading.