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Wireless remote

Is there a web based remote for foobar that could handle 144 305 pcs long playlist and do a fulltext search in it?  In the past I was trying some remote plugin on iPhone 4 and it could not handle such a long playlist.
Web based so i could open the remote on another Windows machine, but I dont want to play from the remote machine directly - no USB wires.
Currently I run remote desktop monitor app on Android 10 phone but the screen is too small and I am looking for an upgrade. I would rather not buy a 10" Android tablet just as a foobar remote. I would like to buy Asus Flipbook 15 and use it for remote and for work. For me not having any cables from remote hardware to my DAC is a must.
I can't use bluetooth connection to the DAC, cause the Notebook is unable to store the several TBs of high ress music, and bluetooth quality sux. Don't have a server storage either.
So best solution for me is windows machine as a remote, windows machine as a server and player in a different room --> USB DAC.