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About Playback Thread Priority and MMCSS

with my current system setup with FB v2, SQLite, VST and others stuff, even if the overall average CPU usage is around 30%, I having audio cuts on track transition and during other short but CPU heavy tasks.

So, I would like to better understand how to correctly prioritize te audio playback.

As described in MS documentation, MMCSS priorities are HIGH only above 23, while below 15 are low and below 8 are "unspecified".
I also noted that MMCSS has also the class "Pro Audio".

Stated that, why Foobar set the MMCSS class to "Audio" only and, worse, why the higest priority settable is 7 (that it should means below LOW priority)?

Kind regards, Andrea

Re: About Playback Thread Priority and MMCSS

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In fb2k you can set class to "Pro Audio". Just enter it manually. Also see,111054.0.html

And thread priority that you can set in fb2k is NOT MMCSS priority. If you look at settings carefully, you can see that it is separate option.


Re: About Playback Thread Priority and MMCSS

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Hello @Bogozo , thank you for the clarification.
Regards, Andrea