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General - (fb2k) / FB v2 and strange UI Element "Tabs" related behaviour
Last post by AndreaT -
UI Element "Tabs" related

Hi All, I just noticed that UI elements associated to tabs are usig significant CPU resources also wheno not in focus (not active, not visible tab).

To be more precise, let me give you a real case on my 32bit Windows 10 running FB v2 beta 13:

Case 1 (optimal):
- FB setup as per my baseline config
- Added a UI Tabs having only 1 tab associated with the UI element Console (all time in focuse / visible)
- Overal CPU usage playing a regular FLAC 44kHz 16bit => 25%

Case 2 (the bad case):
- FB setup as per my baseline config
- Added a UI Tabs having 3 tabs associated with the UI elements Console, Peak Meter, Spectrum
- Overal CPU usage playing a regular FLAC 44kHz 16bit:
     - having focus on Console tab (the only visible) => 47%
     - having focus on Spectrum tab (the only visible) => 65%
     - having focus on Feak meter tab (the only visible) => 55%

Is it normal this behavior? I mean, is it by design?
I would expect that UI elements in the backgroud (not in focus) should not use so much CPU resource.

All the best, Andrea
General - (fb2k) / Version 2.0: is import or change of "Total Time Played" possible
Last post by wolterstorff -
Hi all,

i'm migrating from a (portable) 1.6 to the new 2.0 (also portable) and i'd like to do this from scratch. All Data for the Playback Statistics were exported (from 1.6) and imported (into 2.0), seems to work. - But what about the value for "Total Time Played"? - Is it possible to import this also (there wasn't an option in the Ex- and import-Dialog)? - Or can this value be changed somewhere?

General - (fb2k) / Wireless remote
Last post by VMAudio -
Is there a web based remote for foobar that could handle 144 305 pcs long playlist and do a fulltext search in it?  In the past I was trying some remote plugin on iPhone 4 and it could not handle such a long playlist.
Web based so i could open the remote on another Windows machine, but I dont want to play from the remote machine directly - no USB wires.
Currently I run remote desktop monitor app on Android 10 phone but the screen is too small and I am looking for an upgrade. I would rather not buy a 10" Android tablet just as a foobar remote. I would like to buy Asus Flipbook 15 and use it for remote and for work. For me not having any cables from remote hardware to my DAC is a must.
I can't use bluetooth connection to the DAC, cause the Notebook is unable to store the several TBs of high ress music, and bluetooth quality sux. Don't have a server storage either.
So best solution for me is windows machine as a remote, windows machine as a server and player in a different room --> USB DAC.
General - (fb2k) / Is there a way to refresh all tracks in a playlist?
Last post by F0B!C -
Hi everyone, so i am using Foobar as my main tagging system (i was using iTunes and Apple until i had to remortgage the house), and i often move my playlists between laptop and desktop. I have a big collection of approx 6000 tracks.

I sometimes make changes on my laptop and then when i open the same playlist on my desktop the tracks i've rated do not show the new rating until i activate/ play them. I know i can drag the root folder into foobar and all the tracks will be updated with my new ratings from the laptop but this takes a while each time. Is there a tool or quicker way to instruct Foobar to refresh all the tracks quickly?

Thank you for any help!  8)  :))
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 for mac
Last post by f2kLover -
Thank you so much in advance.
Preferences > Decodings > Drag items to change their precedence. is NOT working on both of Beta12 and 10.
Please check it.