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General Audio / Re: How to fill in WaveGain numbers
Last post by Tirias -
Hello Markuze97 - thank you for the response
I have already seen a number of posts here agreeing with your statement
Thing is I've already got around 8000 tracks (my current CD library) all WAVs (and certainly space isn't an issue).
Secondly my music player does not use ReplayGain. It is one I wrote myself, originally in Pascal in 1992 but has been ported a couple of times and is now a Lazarus application and a bit of a leviathan (and in some need of some TLC).

Hello John33 - thank you for the response
Firstly congratulations on creating and then gifting WaveGain
I think I have been unintentionally misleading - I also downloaded and installed WaveGain front end, I think that was the executable that necessitated the MSCOMCTL library - I will update my original post accordingly.
>>> QuickEdit > currently can't work out how to edit original post?

Hello DVDDoug - thank you for the response
Thank you, OK it's a compromise and there will be an amount of trial and error, With hindsight starting with what I believe are the quietest and loudest CDs in my collection was always likely to highlight exactly these sort of issues (and not really the brightest thing to do).
Regarding if I ever get a quieter CD I would hope it's peaks are such that increasing the volume would avoid most clipping issues.
So I need to maximize the quiestest CD and use that. Will give that a go (in a small test area with half a dozen others).

Thanks to all of you for responding.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme
Last post by Tsavoritel -
Hello everyone, forgive me if I'm not following etiquette here (I'm new) or if this is a really dumb question.
But I've been using this theme for a while and absolutely love it, but I really want to be able to mark songs as 0-10 stars instead of just 0-5.
I was able to dig around WSHgraphicbrowser_trackinfos.js and get it to display the stars 0-10 and even let me click, but once i do the theme crashes. I believe this is related to spidermonkey? But yeah basically was just wondering if there was an easier way to do this that would still have the same functionality and aesthetics.

Thanks in advance!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Eyesight aging badly
Last post by Peter Linu -
Everything worked BETTER than expected. You served as a reminder to my equally-aging brain what I needed to do. I can now see the setup stuff within fb2k by squinting which is good enough until all is setup. Once that is done, there will be little need.

Next question:
Where to I find a plugin that plays .dsf files?
General Audio / Re: How to fill in WaveGain numbers
Last post by DVDdoug -
The only thing is they are a bit quieter than I had hoped
That's a common complaint.    And it's normal because usually there are some quiet-sounding files with 0dB peaks and those can't be boosted (without clipping) so the only way to match loudness is by making the loud files quieter (or to allow clipping). 

If you have enough analog gain you can just turn-up the playback volume and everything is cool!  

WaveGain (and ReplayGain, etc.) use a default target loudness that allows most songs to be volume matched, but some tracks may still end-up quieter than the target. 

If you increase the target volume there will be more quiet-songs that don't reach the target.    If you lower the target loudness more tracks can be volume-matched but then all of your tracks are quieter.   It's a compromise.

My intention was to reduce the volume to roughly match the quietest CD
What happens when you get a new quieter CD?   Are you going to reduce everything again?

If you have a limited number of tracks (if you are making a CD, etc.) there is a manual procedure for matching and maximizing the volume:

 - 0dB normalize (maximize) all of your tracks (or albums).    Now they are all as loud as they can go without clipping.

 - Find the quietest-sounding track after normalizing.     This is your loudness reference.

 - Reduce the other tracks to match the reference.
Support - (fb2k) / Eyesight aging badly
Last post by Peter Linu -
I now am installing fb2k on another laptop exclusively for playback over the network.
My eyesight is terrible so many of the adjustments I want to make are too difficult without an electron microscope!
(see attached)
The main screen fonts are already at 24pt. How do I get to see the rest with enlarged clarity.
This is the first part of many questions.