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General - (fb2k) / Re: how to disable pop-up balloon/tooltip
Last post by jistme -
I have checked all settings that I could find, and then checked them again.
But it looks like this behaviour is not user configurable.

How can I raise this issue so that it has a chance of getting addressed/resolved?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by jistme -
a big thank you jistme  ;)
You are welcome IP974

Back to the issues I raised in this thread.
(quoting myself):

"It's about the header bar of the playlist panel.
I managed to make the panel dark, but its header bar remains white:"

"When I load an album, at first the tracks are not displayed using the colouring that I have set.
Only after I click somewhere in the panel, the correct colouring gets applied:"

By now I am wondering if these aren't issues with foobar2000 itself, and not related to this Columns UI component.

Issue #1 also occurs when changing the colours of a panel using a boiler plate install of foobar2000.
  The panel will adhere to the colouring that you set, but the header of that same panel just stays as it was.
  In my opinion it should use the colouring that you have set for that panel?

Issue #2 seems to be related to the fact that foobar2000 by default selects (highlights) all the tracks when you are simply opening a playlist or an album using foobar2000.
  That explains the brighter white for all tracks, except for one; which is the playing track. I've set it to display in orange, but for some reason it shows up in black instead.

To me, both of them seem undesired behaviours. Maybe even bugs.
Any advice on how to raise these issues properly so they have a chance of getting addressed and/or fixed?
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.0 bugs
Last post by Peti -
In Beta 14 this query is not working anymore: %path% HAS music\singles SORT BY %added% DESCENDING
it seems that if the path value has a slash and there is a space after the value the query is not returning any result
it was working fine till b13
General - (fb2k) / Re: Free Encoder Pack
Last post by Case -
Note that the bundled WavPack encoder is the official encoder. I'm unfortunately not a WavPack expert but the hybrid mode seems to try to maintain the audio quality as close to original as possible and appears to treat the target bitrate only as a request.

The codec pack was updated with FLAC v1.4.2 on 2022-10-25.
And with WavPack v5.6.0, qaac v2.77 and refalac v1.77 on 2022-11-30.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New VST adapter for foobar2000
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello @Gadgety and @cooldude , for such a kind of "relatively" heavy use of VST effects, I would suggest you to use an external DAW.

I am personally using Cantabile (they have also a free Lite version that does a lot) connected through SPDIF loopback (my DAC has this option). If you do not have any digital loopback, probably you can achieve the same result using ASIO4ALL virtual interface wrapper.

Cantabile alone does not introduce significant overhead (on my old 32bit CPU with Windows 10 32bit, it is only about 2-5% when minimized to icon).
ASIO4ALL instead (at least the version I tested 2 years ago) requires significant CPU power (15-20% on my same old 32bit PC). That's why I am using physical SPDIF digital loopback and not a virtual loop via ASIO4ALL.

Regards, Andrea
Support - (fb2k) / Helix MP3 encoder and gapless playback - not gapless in fb2k
Last post by maikmerten -
Hi there,

I'm currently tinkering with the Helix MP3 encoder (some compile fixes, easy bug fixes etc.).,123331.0.html

I hacked in some support for the LAME info tag to enable decoding to the original number of samples. LAME, which also contains a decoder, creates decodes with the proper number of samples. So does Audacity. However, while fb2k seems to trim away surplus samples at the start, it's leaving some of the padding at the end, ruining gapless playback.

For testing, here are some files:

  • sine441.wav - original WAV file. 44100 samples long, containing a 441 Hz sine wave. Loops perfectly.
  • sine441-lame.mp3 - test file encoded with LAME. Plays back without gaps in fb2k
  • sine441-helix.mp3 - test file with my version of the Helix MP3 encoder, with LAME info tag (decodes fine with LAME decoder and Audacity, not fine in fb2k)

Now, it's very possible that the blame is with my info tag writing code - but I'd really love to understand what confuses fb2k when LAME and Audacity are happy. So this is not necessarily a bug in fb2k, but perhaps a corner case of the info tag spec I'm not aware of...