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PCIe Audio Card TOSLINK + Sub

Currently, PCIe x4 slot available, occupied by Asus Xonar SE> Oehlbach DAC > Amplifier
In search of ,as above, PCIe Audio card capable of both TOSLINK (oehlbach DAC to Amplifier) and Subwoofer output (can also be TOSLINK out to second DAC > Amp)

OS: Zorin 17 (Ubuntu 22.04)

And, BTW, looking for Ubuntu-based Music library/player similar in functionality to WMP 12 (i.e. grouping artists with album art)
Data format .flac (primarily for metadata function)
No "wine"-based software, no creating/editing... just relatively good quality playback audio

EDIT: on second thought, with modern PC/PCIe (Thunderbolt 3, 4 notwithstanding) technology,
Digital-domain  crossover;
parametric/"Q", phase (tight enough for HF, MF, LF driver offset)... with or without SPDIF/analog output... Considering the most consumer-level audio is still 16/44... should no longer be Unobtainium.
... just a thought

thanks for any useful info,