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2.1 desktop setup with SMALL satellites?

Hey, I have a free standing desk setup with multiple monitors (that block the desk) so I use poles for satellites. They can't hold any heavy/large speakers (1.5kg+). I know lightness/small size is bad for quality, but I can live with this trade-off. Do you have any recommendations for a 2.1 setup with smaller satellites? I like auto turn-on, standard/non-fixed cabling and possibly a remote to not have to fiddle with on-speaker controls, but I'd be interested in more classical sets as well.

My current considerations
- Klipsch Promedia Heritage - has lightest, nicest looking satellite (0.7kg!) and all the features above. But really pricey (435€ in EU!) and quality is mixed according to reviews.
- Kanto YU2 with a sub - I'd really want to have a sub, so heavy sub-featuring satellites are kinda unneeded
- Audioengine A2+ with a sub - Worried about the wireless stability and longevity


Re: 2.1 desktop setup with SMALL satellites?

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I've been using the Audioengine A2+ since 2014 and they're quite awesome. Although, I don't have the sub, but that has been on my radar.