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Feature Request - Search Function for DNLA Media Servers

After trying so many different iPad apps for high quality (and gapless) FLAC music playback from my Synology NAS (running MinimServer 2), I've settled on foobar2000 Mobile as one of the best (regardless of cost). It seems that so many apps these days prioritise complex playlists over simply playing an album from start to finish in the correct track order (as determined by the FLAC metadata). I've also been using foobar2000 on my Windows PC for many years and nothing else comes close for me.

I have just a couple of minor issues with foobar2000 Mobile:

I cant seem to use the search function when playing back from a media server. I know the media server can support search as other apps I've tried will work just fine in that regard. However, no dice with foobar2000 Mobile. Is this something that could be added? I have a library of around 2500 albums and scrolling through them is a bit of a pain, especially when the scroll bar is so hard to grab!

The other very minor niggle is with text size. I wish there was an option to make ALL text a bit bigger. The text scaling function in iPad OS does not seem to adjust all text in foobar2000 Mobile and some of it is just too small for my aging eyes! Adding an in-app text sizing option would be awesome.

Keep up the great work. Your emphasis on core functionality over and above 'window dressing' is always appreciated here.