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Topic: [feature request] No cover art on Anroid lock screen option (Read 441 times) previous topic - next topic
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[feature request] No cover art on Anroid lock screen option

Would it be possible to to add an advanced display option to disable the display of the currently playing album's cover art on the lock screen?

I've been looking at this issue generically with internet searches, and it seems confused, dependent on both Android version and manufacturer tweaks as to whether it is possible to stop media players showing cover art on the lock screen.

It does not seem possible on my current phone, other than disabling all foobar notifications so I lose the control buttons too.

Why would this be a great idea?  How about:
- you don't want anyone on the train/bus/at work to know you listen to Ed Sheeran, Abba, Wasp, whatever....
- on the train/bus/at work that stupid sexually explicit/violent artwork is just not appropriate, and there are kids near by!
- I'm a private person, what I listen to is my business

So is this doable?