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Bluetooth headphones disconnected after playback?

I'm unsure whether this is my new mobile (Oppo ColorOS 12.1 (Android 12)) or the recent update of the app (1.3.1 Build 724 ARM 64-bit), but I had this effect twice:

When the current playlist (album) I was listening to using my Bluetooth headset had stopped, I picked a new one (album) and started playback.
However playback starts on the phone's speaker, not on Bluetooth. Actually I cannot select (in the system settings) the Bluetooth headphones any more, even though Bluetooth (and the headset) says the headset is still connected.
I have to disable and re-enable Bluetooth (the headset says: "Bluetooth disconnected", "Bluetooth connected"), and then playback is on the headset again.

Maybe I should add: I had been using the same headset on Android 8 with the last version of FB2k mobile *without any problem*, and I didn't realize that problem before app update.
However I must admit that the new mobile is rather new and I did not listen to music a lot with it.