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Hi there,

is there any possibility to add effect-DSP-component to my foobar2000-mobile (android)? I'm looking for a possibility to add some reverb to some of my audiofiles during playback as I am used to do within my desktop-foobar2000.

Any idea?


Re: Effect-DSP?

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Ouch!  I rely on Effect DSP for tempo control, so it looks like I won't be going FB2K on my phone any time soon.

@doc_jochim : May I suggest Musicolet?  Reverb effects can be enabled in the equaliser in settings.  The downside is Musicolet ignores replay gain tags, so if you want that the gain would have to be baked into the files.
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Re: Effect-DSP?

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Only one that can do that is the FB2K dev.