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How to get all packets of ogg file

I want to get all the vorbis packets of ogg file and put it into a list and I don't want to decode it right now.

now I have do this:

Code: [Select]
ogg_sync_state oy;
ogg_stream_state os;
ogg_page og;
ogg_packet op;
vorbis_info vi;
vorbis_comment vc;
vorbis_dsp_state vd;
vorbis_block vb;


//decode packet right now.   if I don't decode it right now then will skip this step


//continue to get packet

if I decode packet right now then I can continue to get packets. But if I don't decode it and I just want to put they into List then I cannot to get the packets. How should I do?


How to get all packets of ogg file

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I've never used libogg, but maybe ogg_sync_pageseek()?

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