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IVAN : mp4 query

what's up

could you please tell me as to how i can open the mp4 files created by the psytel mpeg4 authoring tool.

i tried philips webcine player and the envivio plugin for real player but of no use.

how do i play these files.:confused:

IVAN : mp4 query

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Unfortunately, MP4 format is still "infant" - I know that Envivio is compatible on elementary stream level (.aac and .mp4v) but it can't read .mp4 files due to some weird reason.

Until we resolve this, you can use MPEG4IP Player from

-- Ivan

IVAN : mp4 query

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What is "the psytel mpeg4 authoring tool"?

And what's new in aacenc 1.3???

IVAN : mp4 query

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Authoring Tool if full MPEG-4 Audio + Video encoder, and it generates .mp4 output.  Next beta version will also have real-time encoding + broadcast (to multicast/unicast LAN/WAN) via RFC 3016 RTP protocol.

AACEnc 1.3 is experimental AACEnc with different tonality estimation. I am planning to add some other tools soon  (improved ATH, etc...)

-- Ivan

IVAN : mp4 query

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When do you estimate the next beta of your authoring tool to be completed?  I got an error using the 1.3 version of your program in ultra mode.  Is their any bugs with this version of the encoder?


IVAN : mp4 query

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As a small business owner, do you plan to make your mpeg4 implementation a fully licensed entity?

'Cause I like your attentiveness and work ethic so far, and would rather use your product rather than the 'other'  well known mpeg4 implementation, as they don't seem to want to play ball on a straightforward license.

If you don't want to post here about it, you can mail me at [a href=''][/a] until our corporate mail server comes back up.

IVAN : mp4 query

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Regarding MPEG-4 products, we all are waiting M4PhG joint license which will be available from MPEG-LA LLC. This license will cover entire MPEG-4 patent portfolio (Audio + Visual + Systems), joint license should become available during the next year.

When I get the license, I will be able to offer end-user MPEG-4 products.

If you are interested in MPEG-4 implementation (i.e. library/SDK/source code) feel free to drop me an e-mail :