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Topic: How to Enable Transcoding to MP3 in Streaming Profiles?  (Read 177 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to Enable Transcoding to MP3 in Streaming Profiles?

I have setup Foobar on windows 10 as a server using the UPnP component downloaded from foobar website.

I want to enable Transcoding to MP3. I have set it to always and unchecked all exceptions.

However it doesn't seem that it's working.

How did i know that it's not working?
one of the known issues documented in the Upnp component documentation is:
- seeking in FLAC files streamed as FLAC is not supported (
By enabling the MP3 transcoder the stream should be in MP3 so i should be able to seek (fast forward).
I'm not able seek (the button itself is not their). This means the transcoder is not working.

However, when playing a track that is originally in MP3 I'm able to seek.