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Re: foo_discogs

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I have the same string as you do in the Standard fields section.  I will try a portable installation now to see if it fixes the issue.  Thanks again.

Re: foo_discogs

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I have just run a test using Discogs Tagger v2.23, same result, 01,...
Could you run same test with same test tracks with both components?
Not discarding Discogger bugs/issues, but apparently I get the same result for %TITLE% in both components.

Re: foo_discogs

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I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are asking.  When I run Discogs Tagger in x32 Foobar it works as I expect - the title fields are populated correctly.  It doesn't when I run Discogger in x64 Foobar.  Or at least it didn't before I tried a portable installation of Foobar x64.  On the portable installation it is working as expected, so I assume based on previous comments that something in my old configuration is causing the issue.  In the end, having a portable installation of Foobar is good since I use it on numerous machines and this makes it easy to propagate any updates or revisions.  It's just a PITA to get a completely new installation configured to be like the one I've been used to using for the past decades.  In the end, it will be worth it.

I really appreciate all the input to help me with this issue.

Re: foo_discogs

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Geez, Discogs.

I agree.... posted that question in the Discogs API forum 10 days ago, nobody cared about it. That's life.
The alternative would be calling the API against a local database.
I normalized the whole Discogs database last year into an SQLite database, and mimicked the API, so who knows what the future will bring for this component?

You can also, if you mind, log into the Discogs API forum and add some comments to 'Master release versions format quantity'.  :(


I was just proposing installing two fresh portable installations of Discogs and Discogger, and testing both with a few tagless tracks.
I believe that might alleviate the pressure while getting to know the differences.
The most useful tip I can provide is the difference between both components Write/Update/Write and update modes.
Most people immediately set most to Write and update (from what I heard) which is kind of an equivalent to Discogs Write.

I will be glad to hear from your advances, please do not hesitate to post here any doubts you might have.

Re: foo_discogs

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You can also, if you mind, log into the Discogs API forum and add some comments to 'Master release versions format quantity'.  :(
Good idea, I'll head over there shortly.

Re: foo_discogs

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To draw some picture - I'm using some functions to get Rap credit, and pass it as a featuring. I used some scripts I found here some day. Sometimes value of this credit is filled with original artist name. I wanted to wrap my present script into filter function, and remove from array of all 'Rap' credited artists, artists that are also in Release artist array. But I'm struggling with passing array as a content to filter.

In documentation stays that $filter(A,Q) Removes values in Q from A. Operates at depth D-1 on both A and Q, or depth D in Q if Q is a simple string. Returns an array of similar shape to A, but possibly less wide at depth D-1. If I'm not mistaken - this says, that I could pass Q as an array.

If I make something like: $filter($array('aa','bb','cc','c','d'),'aa') I get what I expected: 'bb; cc; c; d'

But if I put there $filter($array('aa','bb','cc','c','d'),$filter('aa','c')) I get [Error processing function $filter : Array parameter (2) is too deep.] instead of 'bb; cc; d'

Am I missing something? Why it isn't work?

Re: foo_discogs

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Can't edit post above. Formula which isn't work for me is obviously:
I get [Error processing function $filter : Array parameter (2) is too deep.] instead of 'bb; cc; d'

Re: foo_discogs

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Not sure if this will do the trick, but I think the left-hand array needs to be one level deeper.
I can get rid of the error with:
Although even when I've tried to $flatten the result, I get nothing written.

Re: foo_discogs

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Second day:
(FATAL) Error: Network exceptionNetwork error (url:
[ESCAPE to close]
Foobar 2.1.3 x32/Discogs Tagger 2.23
Before last friday everything was OK.
Any thoughts?


Master Release Rating

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Hi zoomorph,

I'd like to request a new Object/Field for the Master, not Release, Avg. Rating and Vote Counts.

Certain, usually lesser known, releases within the same master have very few votes or none at all.

From what I can see, the Master Avg. Rating and Vote Counts shown on Discogs are averages of all the Avg. Rating and Vote Counts of all the releases within that master. While this would mean that using the Master Release Avg. Rating and Vote Counts for a specific release would not account for the differences in that release, I think the differences are usually not significant to defeat the advantages.

Thank you for developing this great plug-in, please let me know what you think.
Unfortunately that information is not available from the Discogs API.

As of version 2.07, this can be done manually using the following formatting string:
Code: [Select]
Note that this could be very slow for large master releases, as it requires loading each sub release and then calculating the overall average.

I have the same question as from the above discussion from 2016.  Has the master release rating been added to the API since this was originally posted?  I'd love to have this data, but am concerned about using the potentially slow workaround code.