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Opus Celt on Rockbox

Just curious as Opus performance was so excellent at low bitrates.

No offence intended if the work involved is formidable.

Perhaps decoder if=s battery intensive?

Opus Celt on Rockbox

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You could try posting on the rockbox forums?

Opus Celt on Rockbox

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They are working on it since a while now. At first it was quite slow, IIRC.
Meanwhile Opus files play fine on a rockboxed Sansa Clip+ with the daily build version of Rockbox that is easily available via official installer.
From a look at the activity in the Rockbox Git repository it seems they make daily progress on enhancing the performance of the decoder.


Opus Celt on Rockbox

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According to the release-notes, Rockbox will support Opus-playback with version 3.13

I'm happily running daily builds on my Sandisk Sansa Clip for months now. They play Opus files and don't eat any babies so far. I think the power consumption is slightly increased, though.