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Scfsi and scalefactor disabling

I had a thread ages ago about portable players (more specifically the bugs in mine), and this question came up, but no-one had an answer. What I want to know is
a) How can I disable scfsi usage in Lame?
B) How can I disable scalefactor usage in Lame?
Are there any builds of Lame which have these options? If not, would any dev's think of adding them to the next alpha release? I only really want to use them for hardware compatibility testing, but I would be interested if anyone could give an idea of the quality drop either of these options would likely give purely from an academic standpoint (I take it there would be a quality vs file size drop of some kind). I remember reading somewhere that older versions of Lame did not have these options switched on, so I guess it would also be useful if someone could tell me from which versions of Lame they were 'switched on', as a last resort.

Thanks for any input on this!