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Stereo modes

What, exactly, are intensity stereo and mixed stereo?  Also, why are they used, and by what programs?
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Stereo modes

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hi i'll post a quick reply, i'll add more if i have time later,

Mixed stereo, dunno bout that, may be you mean mid/side stereo,

both mid/side stereo and intensity stereo and stereo are used in Joint stereo, its a method used to gain further gains in compression

mid/side stereo encodes the mid and side channels instead of left and right.  It allocates more bits to the mid channel than the side channel.  For signals without a lot of stereo seperation, there will be very little information in the side channel and this trick will improve bandwidth.  If the left & right channels differ by a lot, then the side channel will contain a lot of information.  Errors encoding this information will show up as noise in *both* the left and right channels after decoding.

Thats a fairly simple explanation of mid/side stereo.

Intensity Stereo usually used for low bitrates, and is not prefered method as it can degrade the quality quite badly,

In addition intensity stereo is not used in LAME for good reason,

Just one little note to point out is that contary to what many rumors floating around the internet, use of joint stereo is not worse than pure stereo mode rather its is shown to improve the quality of mp3's.

you'll find alot more info, bout this and other related items if you just dig up a little more on the various sections of this forum

sos, i couldnt give more info, as i have to go, and im sure some of the more enlightened ppl on the board could help you
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Stereo modes

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Originally posted by Amadeus93
What, exactly, are intensity stereo and mixed stereo?  Also, why are they used, and by what programs?

Intensity stereo removes phase information from HF sounds for more compact storage. It is used at very low bitrates.

LAME does not support it.