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Using the --pad-id3v2 command

i use this command line in EAC:

--alt-preset standard --pad-id3v2 --tt "%t" --ta "%a" --tl "%g" --ty %y --tn %n --tg "%m" --tc "" %s %d

When there are too many character to fit into id3v1 Lame writes an idv3v2 tag.  Anyway...when looking at the file info in winamp it says that the header is found at 261 bytes. When asking EAC to add a padding of 2kb to id3v2 tags the header is found at 2507 bytes. The only difference in the tag that EAC wrote was in the "Encoded by" field. After deleted that the header is found at 2132 bytes.

keep in mind i'm a newbie when it come to this question.

do headers have anything to do with padding? if they do, then when lame writes the tag and the header is found at 261 bytes is that just as good as EAC adding a padding of 2kb, where the header will be found at 2507 bytes?