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Mixing 2 MP3 together


how can i mix 2 MP3-Files together?

They have the same frame lenght, so nothing must be converted etc.

Adding the bytes together and divide by 2?

Don't know how the audio data is built-on...

Mixing 2 MP3 together

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You'll need to uncompress, then re-encode.  Sorry.

Mixing 2 MP3 together

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' date='Jul 10 2006, 11:08' post='410485']
You'll need to uncompress, then re-encode.  Sorry.

Means a lot of code or heavy use of dlls? :-(


Mixing 2 MP3 together

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No - it means that what you would like to do is impossible.

You can only do the mix by decompressing them to WAV...... do the mix in a waveeditor or whatever..... and then encode the mix again (thus, it will introduce a quality loss because of re-encoding). Or you rip the files again from the original source - and mix them before encoding them.

Lossy encoded files are "end-products" - they are not meant to be edited afterwards.
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