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Lame Acm - No Bitrates In Mode Desc.

Dear members,

I wonder how many people try to use the LAME ACM codec; although it is limited to CBR, it is nevertheless a legal alternative to the Radium FhG codec, and at least comparable in quality... But since I ever found an early version, until today in Mitiok's builds, there is still one problem:

Regardless of the used bitrate, each mode of the LAME ACM uses the same description text. So I cannot decide which of the one dozen of settings called "MPEG Layer-3 44.100 Hz; Stereo" uses 128 kbps, which one uses 160 kbps, which one uses 192 kbps...

This one is so annoying, I can't believe that noone ever took it as reason for a change. But I can't do that, so I hope you know where I shall ask for a fix.