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Topic: --nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s (Read 4455 times) previous topic - next topic
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--nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s

Dibber, and others

There hasn't been much talk about the effect or possibilities of --nsmsfix switch.

Dib, I suppose you might have been working with it while finetuning your new presets?

I've been using --dm-preset standard with --nsmsfix 1.15 to slightly cut down the bitrate.

--nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s

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yes, I am working on this.

--nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s

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This thread is going slightly OT.

What I would be interested in is that COULD the optimal --nsmsfix value be higher than 1 (default of nssafejoint)?

--nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s

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I already answered this question.  Yes, it can be used IMO without creating more problems, but only if other issues are addressed first.  This means that you have to work on fixing tonality issues and pre-echo more fundamentally if you are going to use a higher nssafejoint value.  This is part of what I've been working on.

Thread moved to technical section and OT content split off to this thread:


--nsmsfix tuning with DM\'s

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I would really suggest that in a HQ setting safejoint is used as until now, value = 1.

The bitrate savings are marginal using values between 1.0 and value for joint stereo.