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mp3PRO to WAV

I currently possess a few songs which were encoded in mp3PRO 80Kbps... I also happen to have a portable mp3 player, and I want to decode these songs into WAV so that I can re-encode them with LAME (for personal use - I know re-encoding with lossy compression techniques is pretty stupid, but I want to enjoy 44.1Khz with my portable).

Now, the question is:

Which is the highest quality tool around to decode mp3PRO songs into WAV?

Any comments (like telling me I'm stupid and terribly wrong in any aspect) would be appreciated...


mp3PRO to WAV

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If you don't have Nero, which I assume you don't (otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question), your only choice is to visit:

and pick up the Winamp plugin for mp3PRO. Then to visit:

and pick up out_acm.dll, ie output plug in, which will allow you to write out to pcm wave or any other acm codec you have.

Good luck!

mp3PRO to WAV

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You could also use out_lame which uses the lame dll. You can obtain this from Winamp.

mp3PRO to WAV

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Actually, I have Nero, and it works, but I wanted to make sure it is the best option around. It would have been dumb losing quality already in the decoding process.

But in any case, your tips on those winamp plugins are very useful  I didn't know of them, and they get it to be a useful conversion tool