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mp3 Quality on Slashdot

Hey everone. is running a article on mp3 quality, and although there is good discussion, there is a lot of "use 192 or 256" and "use the vbr function", but no discussion of our well tuned and tested switches.

I made a post about it, but I don't know if anyone will see it to mod it up enough so that people can make use of it.  The URL is below if anyone wants to check it out or contribute.

Slashdot: What Sounds Better MP3 or Ogg?

-- Agent 86

mp3 Quality on Slashdot

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I did my best to mod up posts about and ff123, but I fear actually getting an insightfull discussion on Slashdot requires infinite moderation points.


mp3 Quality on Slashdot

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Sadly I think you're right about quality Slashdot discussions... although I'm sure the same would happen to this place if it had more than half a million (!) registered accounts.

It would be much better if it
1) required a login to post
2) allowed you to edit messages
3) had a better moderation/content control system

Just like this place

It's both a divisive and incorrect story title, as well. Which is better? Depending on the bitrate, music type, or other extraneous issues (hardware, licensing, quality), both or neither are better