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Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Nice find, Ben Dodson has made his source available too, so I can use the same logic to get the original file when available. It will then fall back on all the existing fall-backs if that isn't there. Please give the attached 0.6 a try to compare with the results you had noticed were different, and see if the quality now matches? Or more importantly if there are any where it gives a worse result!

Yep, it works.

I must say, after much deliberation, I did decide to stick to using the old source, as I think the JPG files sourced from there are ever so slightly higher quality -- other than the albums that have PNG files uploaded on the new/alternate source (vanishingly few; Radiohead's discography is one such example). I suspect the new source uses a newer, more efficient JPEG encoder like mozjpeg, so they lowered the file size accordingly, but didn't do exhaustive pixel peeping like I do, so they didn't match the quality precisely between the old and new encodes.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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If there is albumart available for booklets in good quality I like to download and add them to my album-folder.
Musicbrainz is often a source for these booklets (as pictures) and AAD seems to show up to 7 pictures. But when there are more covers available beacause the booklet is bigger they are not shown and I have to grab them from the website, which is not so comfortable and needs more time.

Is this a limitation of Musicbrainz, that AAD can not grab more pictures or dows AAD limit them and this could be changed?

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Hi, firstly I love this app. -thanks! Has Qobuz script stopped working?


Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Thanks for reporting this, v0.4 should now be working again.