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Re: Looking for an Android Music Player

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I don't know which (if any) audio codecs are typically hardware accelerated on android, it'll depend on the SoC.
I'd have to think that audio decode probably isn't hardware accelerated, since almost any commonly used codec can more than likely be decoded at more than realtime than the CPU in a 1st gen iPod running Rockbox (dual 100 MHz ARMv4) and probably could be decoded comfortably at the base frequency of a "little" core on a modern smartphone CPU.

Re: Looking for an Android Music Player

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I have been using the GoneMadMusicPlayer (GMMP) for years and love it!. It has the most customization features for live playlists, than I have seen in any other player. I use them a lot and really appreciate all the settings. If you like live playlsits, take a look.
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