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Where is the cache stored?

Hi, I would like to browse the cached entries, where are them stored? I tried to search for a cuetools directory in AppData but I found none. I'm of course using Windows. Thank you.

Edit: Ha! Found it, it was in Roaming not in Local directory. Also kinda weird to name the directory "CUE Tools" when the app is named "CUETools" without space, if one searches for CUETools wont find the directory.

Now the question is how can we browse the LocalDB.xml file, tried opening the "z" file with 7-zip but it failed.

Re: Where is the cache stored?

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Thanks, I also tried accessing the wiki but is not loading for me, I'm getting 404 on everything from, even the download page.

Re: Where is the cache stored?

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If you cannot see the wiki (works fine here) the text said the local database can be viewed from Input: Folder Browser and Input: Multiselect Browser.

Located at the bottom of the browser window.


Re: Where is the cache stored?

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Thank you, it works. Btw I don't know why I'm getting not found errors, it's weird.

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