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Keeping Midi and MP3s Seperate and Then Making Playlists

I have several thousand Midis and several thousand MP3s each in separate folder structures.

I have my library set to look at the top directory where my MP3s are and tell it to filter for MP3s only.

This allows me to load that and then create a playlist from it.

I want the same functionality for my Midis, how do I do that and not loose my MP3 library?  I want to view all my midis and be able to create playlists from that view.

Re: Keeping Midi and MP3s Seperate and Then Making Playlists

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each in separate folder structures
That allows them to be quickly searched for, I guess? Pick a couple of characters that you don't have in any tags - say µ and ¬ (both available from US-international keyboard layout, YMMV). Put one in the name of the "MP3s' parent folder" and the other in the name of the "MIDIs' parent folder". In library search, you can then restrict by typing a single character.

Or: longer searches. Fiddle around with
%path% IS *.mp3
%__codec% HAS mp


Re: Keeping Midi and MP3s Seperate and Then Making Playlists

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There may be no need to rename folders - what does the folder structure look like for each? What library viewer?

For a tree based library viewer like Album List, you could put %codec% at the top level of the tree pattern. That would automatically split up the library, so the tree would look like -

All Music
+ MP3

Just make a new view pattern named 'by codec' in Preferences > Media Library > Album List, with this at the beginning -

Code: [Select]

(followed by the rest, copy the other patterns)

For a column based library like Re/Facets or Library Tree, it has a simple 'Filter' button, so you could make a new filter like -

Code: [Select]
%codec% IS MIDI

(or whatever it is)

Then you just click the button to filter the library.

You can also filter both the above methods by folder structure.