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ISO conversion settings (again!)

Apologies, I know this comes up a lot - but I have quite a simple question which I havn't
been able to find an answer for.

What I'm doing is converting sacd .iso files to .wav
I have the sacd plug-in installed and the process works like a dream (I think / hope!).

Load image.  Select desired tracks from playlist.  Right-click for "Convert" dialogue.
Then I just choose .wav as output, no processing applied, job done.  (I see now that I may
as well encode to flac not wav, but I wasn't sure at first if that might complicate things).

Anyway, the key settings for this process are actually to be found on the 'Preferences /
Tools / SACD' page.  I choose "Output" = PCM, Bitrate = 88200.  So far so good.


Do I need to worry about finding the optimal setting in the section below that,
"Converter / DSD2PCM Mode" ??  I can't get my head around whether this applies when
the original image is an sacd iso, as opposed to a DSD file of some kind.

The options are things like: Direct or multistage, 64fp or 32fp, etc.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
Thank you :)

Re: ISO conversion settings (again!)

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Hi, I’m trying to do the same, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to “open” my sacd iso.  Do I need an additional plugin besides the default ones?  I am using a fresh install of foobar 2000 v2.0

What do I need to do to get started?

Thank you!

Re: ISO conversion settings (again!)

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Hello - I'm no expert!
But I read this...

And installed this as per the article...

That seemed to be the only component I needed to add.
I can now open and play .iso file.

I can't really advise you further sorry but hope this helps


Re: ISO conversion settings (again!)

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Have you tried using foo_dsd_converter?

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