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Audio artifacts at 5ms frame duration

Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum and just started dabbling in Opus land. I saw a few posts here related to frame duration, killer samples, etc. I am working on a low latency application where I would need to encode 5ms or 10ms frames. Once the audio is decoded, I hear some audio artifacts for specific frequencies which result in the audio having artifacts that can best be described as 'squeaky' electrical sounds. For example when I play a comedy track, the comics voice sounds fine, but the audience laughter results in artifacts. Increasing the bitrate(I tried up to 256kbps for 5ms), complexity, or delay decision doesn't help in resolving the issue. My question is: has anyone here had success in using 5ms frames with similar audio quality as 20ms frames? Or is that impossible with Opus? My limited knowledge with doing some Googling says that it's impossible. Just wanted to ask here as there seems to be way more experienced people in the area here than myself, and thought I'd give it a shot in case anyone has been successful. Thanks in advance! 

Re: Audio artifacts at 5ms frame duration

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Perhaps you've found a bug?

Do you have a short sample of audio that demonstrates the artifact?

Re: Audio artifacts at 5ms frame duration

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I'm on the road until Sunday. Will upload the audio as soon as I get back home.