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Low bitrate speech with LAME

I am using a LAME encoder with mp4live streaming server. I want to send two channels (languages) of speech with a sampling rate of about 8KHz and a bitrate of 24kbps or less.
LAME seems to only go down to 16KHz sampling rate but looking at the docs it seems it automatically re-samples if it decides it needs to to fit the bit rate. Is this the case? The re-sampled sample rates seem to go down lower than 16KHz.

Can someone please explain to me how this works and also how to get the most out of LAME for dual or mono speech encoding, even if it means modifying the source code.

I know MP3 is not the best choice for this application but it's the only open source option I have at present. AAC sounds like, well, nuff said, at low bit rates and CELP isn't integrated with mp4live yet. The results I get with LAME at these bitrates seem much worse than I get with Shoutcast.

Why go to all this trouble? Because I want to add video and MPEG4IP seems the best way to do that.