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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [fb2k v2] Playlist Attributes (foo_playlist_attributes)
Last post by anamorphic -
Actually it is a serious bug and I'm wondering why it was not detected earlier
I mean ... it sounds pretty similar to what I reported in 2019 that never had a reply. Incidentally I just tested and that issue (whether the same one or not) remains in the current version - switch playlist, start playback by play button = previous DSP, start playback by double-click in playlist = correct DSP. It was introduced in v0.5.5.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 Wrapped
Last post by paregistrase -
I make a backup and after exporting the statistics I reset all files and wipe out the scrobbles.

20 Jun now have half the time listened. It is not the 20 Jun but is the data of 20 May.

The problem seems to be my database.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / NSF with M3U broken in foo_input_gme
Last post by dongjuanyong -
When I updated foobar2k to 2.x with the foo_input_gme component version 0.5.1, I found it just ignored the .m3u in the same folder of .nsf. Thus I lost all the tags of .nsf.
I didn't find any configurations in the Preferences: Advanced to deal with this. Is it that the settings just go somewhere else or the function just has not been implemented?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_milk2
Last post by Dfaure -
Tested v0.0.230-alpha with a subset of Geiss's favorite presets & textures extracted into milkdrop2/presets and milkdop2/textures directories and can confirm this works as expected! Whatever the code quality, you really did a nice job.

I just noticed few hints that could be nice to improve/fix:
  • The preset loader is rather broken when invoked with the help opened
  • The song title seem to come straightly from the playlist. I would love to get an evaluated one in the mood of the Window title for example, in order to get the details from streams
  • The title animation at song change doesn't seem to work
  • Changing basic component parameters while it is working doesn't seem to make it crash most of the time, but the changes often require a foobar restart to be applied
  • The framerate limiter doesn't seem to work above 40 fps which seem the highest I could get
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: ListenBrainz-SMP
Last post by paregistrase -
All brand new, remove panels, close program, delete js_data, xxx-scripts folder. Download new set of zips.

Add a buttons panel, add the buttons and uncheck themed buttons.



Setting text color to white


Validated News / Re: TAK 2.3.3
Last post by Kraeved -
Has anyone managed to pair BASS x64 based players with TAK?
It seems not enough just to drop tak_deco_lib.dll in the folder.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Burn AR files
Last post by korth -
When a CD rip is 'offset corrected' that means a few samples are removed from one end of the whole CD and a few null samples are padded to the other. Which way depends on whether the 'offset correction' is positive or negative. All the audio in between remains the same.

So if the offset correction (or lack of correction) results in a few samples removed from the beginning of Track 2, you will find the missing samples at the end of Track 1. The difference is a very small fraction of a second. The only samples lost are at the beginning of Track 1 or the end of the last track (again this depends on whether the 'offset' is positive or negative) and the missing samples are usually inaudible.

The burned CD will verify in software that checks for alternate offset matches. The result will just show as a match 'offset by xx samples'.

Note: AccurateRip ignores the first 2939 samples of the first track and the last 2940 samples of the last track.