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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by jensend -
I find the aggressive push for higher bandwidths at lower bitrates slightly surprising, especially for speech.

I mean, obviously one wants to quit doing narrowband as soon as possible; it misses almost all the energy in many consonants, harming intelligibility, and everything including vowels sounds flat. Mediumband is much better but still an obvious degradation. But wideband is quite good and I'm happier with an 8KHz lowpass than I am with most kinds of distortions. SWB speech is frequently non-ABXable from fullband, since above 12K there's so often little other than noise of dubious audibility.

So it's surprising to find that the encoder will now be spending bits at rather low bitrates on coding 12-20KHz rather than spending more bits on accuracy in the frequency range where the formants and most of the consonant energy are. I wonder what kind of listening tests etc suggested making such a move.

Down the road I wonder whether something like the WaveNet codec2 decoding demo will end up making SBR, hybrid mode, etc mostly obsolete for speech.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder
Last post by kode54 -
Really? You want to disable subsongs altogether? Just because of a handful of buggy songs? Fine, but I'm leaving them enabled by default. And my other player, Cog, is going to be hardcoded to enable them.

e: These look like legitimate subsongs, unplayed songs you wouldn't know about otherwise without a tracker. Did you even bother to play them?
AAC / Re: Lossless AAC
Last post by gusnv -
Then I guess I'll stick with AAC@512 until FLAC gets widely supported.

Thanks guys!
Development - (fb2k) / Re: Visual Studio 2013-2017 compatibility notice
Last post by davideleo -
I'm taking a second chance on learning c++, visual studio and component development. I don't know if Yirkha's tutorial still applies to the latest sdk and vs 2017. I followed his test project instructions and failed to build the project. These are the last lines of the debug output window:

Code: [Select]
1>Done building project "foobar2000_SDK.vcxproj".
4>------ Build started: Project: foo_whatever, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
4>j:\foobar2000\sdk-2018-03-06\foobar2000\sdk\advconfig.h(251): error C3861: 'get_static_instance': identifier not found
4>j:\foobar2000\sdk-2018-03-06\foobar2000\sdk\advconfig.h(256): note: see reference to class template instantiation 'advconfig_integer_factory_<int_t_>' being compiled
4>j:\foobar2000\sdk-2018-03-06\foobar2000\sdk\advconfig.h(252): error C3861: 'get_static_instance': identifier not found
4>Done building project "foo_whatever.vcxproj" -- FAILED.
========== Build: 3 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Pops and clicks using official ASIO in Windows 8 with foobar, but no p
Last post by j7n -
Maybe the Realtek ASIO driver is buggy. What is the benefit of using ASIO with an integrated soundcard? If you have ASIO4ALL, then that is pointless, since it is an additional layer above the regular driver.

If this plugin is ever revised, I'd like to request a small change. Upon pressing the Stop button, when the driver is about to be closed, drop priority to Normal. My driver does some work for about 1 second in Time Critical priority (normally locked to 15, but 31 now). I solved this in other applications by not closing the driver (reaper) or using the option to play silence during pause (openmpt). E-MU/Creative added this bug in one of the last 2.xx updates.

Since there is little overhead in playing one audio stream, could the asiohost be optionally configured to play silence, as long as it is selected as an output in Foobar, and keep the device open, and possibly solve the above poster's problem, which appears to occur only during pause.
Support - (fb2k) / (Android) Notification disappears while on pause
Last post by pecheny -
My foobar2k for Android's notification started disappearing when the music is on pause for some time (~2–3 minutes). Unfortunately I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact moment in time when it started behaving like that, maybe it was the last update but I’m not sure.

The reason it bugs me is that after i restart the app, scrobbling (using external scrobbler) won't work anymore and it requires me killing foobar (via force stop) and restarting to make scrobbling work again. This issue is of course irrelevant to foobar but i think that the disappearing notification is a bug in itself.

I’ve recorded a video of it happening:
The notification disappears at 1:24

Foobar2000 Mobile version 1.1.17
Phone: Oneplus 3T
Android 8.0.0 build A3010_28_180517

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