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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 ignoring hidden track notations? (INDEX 00)
Last post by Case -
You have a misunderstanding. Index 0 is "hidden" only with the first track. The zero index is like intro marker for a track but it's treated as if it belongs to the previous track. CD playback starts from index 1 and happily continues to play all indexes until the disc ends. If you wish to hear the so called hidden track you have to rewind from the beginning of the disc.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Filters don't work
Last post by Case -
To the topic starter: you need to configure media library in preferences. Filters show content from the library, not from your playlist(s).
Opus / Vorbis Sounds better than Opus at 192 kbps.
Last post by iloveopus -
I have been listening to Opus for the past few months and i love it's audio quality at low bit rates (128 Kbps). Today i tried Vorbis and it sounds better than Opus. Vorbis Sounds softer and less aggressive as compared to Opus at 192 Kbps.

I know Opus has surpassed many other lossy codecs in listening tests but after listening to few songs in vorbis i think it offers better quality at high bitrates.

Opus sounds sharper whereas Vorbis sounds more analog to my ears. I have nothing against Opus. I just wanted to share what i heard from these two codecs.

and for the clarification I am using the real OGG Vorbis not the modified aoTuv or something.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: CaTRoX (QWR Edition): fb2k theme
Last post by MordredKLB -
Looks like playcount statistic doesn't work correctly. The counter increases only when one minute of the song passes. Is it possible to change the behavior of counter to increase it immediately when song starts playing?
foo_playcount is the component that handles counting plays of songs. It increments the count when 1 minute of the song has elapsed. That time is not user configurable. You'd have to find a different component or use your own custom playcount field that you increment manually when starting a song.
Scientific Discussion / Major update to the DolbyA compatible decoder.
Last post by jsdyson -
This is now pro-quality but needs a little work to be complete (e.g. missing several 100 samples of audio, phase inversion, a few freq response anomalys (even though it appears that it spectrally matches a DolbyA within very few tenths of a dB. )) The distorion reduction is incredible -- anyone who has listened to ABBA on headphonrs might remember the rough sound.  That rough sound is due to DolbyA distribution onto CD and vinyl -- but vinyl releases are usually properly decoded.  The CDs (listen to SuperTrouper) are really oddly distorted -- I have heard very few American releases that aren't distorted.  Some of the Polar/Polydor releases aren't too bad.

There is distortion cancellation code in the decoder -- some I cannot describe due to intellectual property reasons.  However, there is a mode which removes more noise than a DolbyA (it takes advantage of decoding differently -- and uses some techniques at decoding time to benefit.)

The examples before weren't too bad -- mostly better that a Dolbya because of intermod.  These examples are essentially as good as theoretically possible (I might be able to eeek out a little more quality, but already the examples sound nearly perfect.)

An example is the "supertrouper" item -- there is a chorus burst which is normally mired in deep intermod -- but even though there is a bit of a distorted sound in my result, the intermod is well under control.  I use ABBA as my basket case test -- because of the voices and recording technique it drives DolbyA crazy.
I intend someday soon to distribute a consumer version of the decoder -- it will still sound really good, but might not be quite as good as the pro version, be limited to 48k, and might be limited in decoding length.  (albums tend to be longer than perhaps the 10minute timeout that I might plan -- that will probably thwart commercial use.)

Listen to the examples, and compare with your CDs...  I have to say 'wow' and I was almost crying with relief early today.

I uploaded mp3 versions of the ABBA decoding -- doesn't sound perfect and significant mp3 loss but at the beginning of snippet 1, the beginning has no intermod.  The second snippet near the end is a little rough -- but NOWHERE near the intermod of almost any release.  (It might sound slightly different than commercial releases because some aren't decoded.)  This is from ABBA Gold, 1992 which the copy that I have is undecoded (believe it or not.)  The repo has more complete examples.

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