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Opus / Re: What is the bitrate of your Opus files?
Last post by yourlord -
I do 112kbps these days. I used to do 96kbps and would still be perfectly happy there, but I got to where every once in awhile I could notice an odd artifact here and there. Storage space isn't much of a concern these days so I just bumped to 112k and haven't noticed anything since. The majority of my music is metal, mostly heavy/thrash/death/power/every other subsubsubgenre, and some classical and opera.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Mono Playback Volume is very low (about -10dB)
Last post by Case -
Curious about your audio setup. As I mentioned earlier there should be no difference on stereo equipment between real mono and mono mirrored to stereo. Certainly works that way with built-in Windows drivers.

It may be common convention to play mono as stereo but it's not what the source is. Default mode of operation in foobar2000 is to play audio with the exact channel mapping it contains. Nothing is upmixed unless the user asks for it.
Last post by david-lisb -
Like i say, at 128kps i can abx almost all the musics (lag of high frequencies) , at 160 kps, it's much better. and at 192, fully transparent for me.
But to go 'safer', i choose 224k...
256 is overkill i think
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by AlexVallat -
It would be data inside the JPEG file, in any case. Not in the HTTP Header, if that's what you were thinking. Doesn't really matter where inside it is, the file would still need to be downloaded. Analysing and converting image formats is out of scope for AAD, as I mentioned before, the right software for doing that is batch image conversion.
Last post by david-lisb -
After a lot of abx, i will convert all my music to aac 224k.
160 is the lower for me, i can abx easly at 128, 192 is good, so for safer i choose 224).
And i will keep the lossless files of course ;)
I try tbvr and cbvr and i can't listen the diferrence....
So, what is better tbvr or cbvr ?
(itunes + qaac)

Sorry for my bad english)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Mono Playback Volume is very low (about -10dB)
Last post by uart -
foobar2000 plays mono as mono on center channel.

Thanks Case :).  I guess that explains it- I don't even have a center speaker connected. I'm just listening with normal headphones btw.

Yeah I had already figured out that using the "mono to stereo" DSP cured the problem, but was unsure why it was necessary. I was trying to figure out why it couldn't just play mono correctly in the first place.

Still wondering if it's wise to assume that someone has a center channel connected, just because they want to play a mono file. I've got a about a million programs on my PC that can play a wav file, and all other 999999 play it without any fuss.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by langoustator -

Feature request for the find release window: would it be possible to replace the Artist textbox with an editable combobox that would display the last few artists that have been typed in?
This would help when encoding a full discography.

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