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Facets (foo_facets)

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So essentially you have stored you artist jpegs centrally. I will do that if there is no way to overcome the problem leaving it in each album folder. I would save on redundant jpegs over multiple albums.

You don't have to change where your art is, just point to it with an absolute path instead of a relative one, i.e. 'C:\whatever\'%artist%'\artist.jpg' instead of ..\artist.jpg.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Hi there,

It would be great to have the possibilities to configure for the "Ignore leading "The" when sorting"

I really like this feature, but I'd like to be able to have the same behaviour with "Les, La, Die, Le".
I know it's possible to put the prefix at the end with the swapprefix, but I prefer to have it at the beginning but just not sorted.

Thank you
Sorry for the bad english, I'm french .

Facets (foo_facets)

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Thanks for this new version Franck.

For the moment I've only noticed one strange thing with the beta 2. Sometimes, the panes remains empty whatever I type in the search field. I figured out that if I change the column of a pane results appears again in this pane.
It happened three times yesterday while I was changing my layout.

If I find exactly how to reproduce this I'll post it.

I had some time to try to understand the problem I mentioned.
Each time I close foobar and restart it, the content of the facets, SimPlaylist and SimPlaylist manager seems to disappear. But when multiple columns are present, after resizing one column, the content of the UI component appears.

I added some screenshots to illustrate.

Moreover for SimPlaylist the column headers have disappeared.

Facets (foo_facets)

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I have the same problem. My Library is filled with music, but Facets doesn't display anything.

Also, I would like to disable smooth scrolling, is it possible?

Facets (foo_facets)

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Hello, may it be possible to add similar/more complex syntax to the columns as the default media library?
That would allow for endless possibilities...

Facets (foo_facets)

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Facets (foo_facets)

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It would be nice column formatted to display as rating five stars, eg ????? like in simplaylist. Now average rating display only one, two, three, four or five star.

From the Playback Statistics documentation:

%rating% - song's rating, on a 1..5 scale.
%rating_stars% - song's rating, formatted as up to five stars, e.g. ???
%rating_stars_fixed% - song's rating, formatted as five stars, e.g. ?????

From the forums:

Create a custom column (Preferences -> Default User Interface -> Playlist View) with

Code: [Select]
$pad($repeat(?,%rating%), 5,?)

as the pattern

Facets (foo_facets)

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Thanks, but look here:

From Facets documentation page:

Statistics - Statistics are columns that display aggregated information for the tracks contained in each item.

First release
Rating  - Average rating from metadata, displayed as stars. The text color is dimmed according to the number of files that are rated, which indicates the reliability of the displayed value. This is also taken into account when sorting by rating.
Total peak
Total size

This default rating statistics column i would like to use the song's rating, five stars as formatted, eg ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ not like now formatted as up to five stars, e.g. ★★★, or better, Frank to create another new rating statistics column called "Rating DB" for similarity with SimPlaylist rating (database) column.


what I want (edited image):

Facets (foo_facets)

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with XP,
instead of stars for rating ,
squares are displayed

it is font problem ?

PS: thank Franck , excellent plugin!
Music is my first love.

Facets (foo_facets)

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with XP,
instead of stars for rating ,
squares are displayed

it is font problem ?

PS: thank Franck , excellent plugin!

Yes, probably. I use "Arial Unicode MS"

Is it correct that there's no way to edit statistics? I would like the "played" statistic to show "played x times" instead of just the number, doesn't look very good with just the number when displaying "album art (bottom labels)" for example

Facets (foo_facets)

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Are there any plans to support CUI in the future?  EsPlaylist is wonderful for library management, but I kind of miss Facets from my DUI days.  Thanks.

Facets (foo_facets)

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shakey_snake, thank you, now i have stars in properties !
Music is my first love.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Great to see development! Thank you so much.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Are there any plans to support CUI in the future?  EsPlaylist is wonderful for library management, but I kind of miss Facets from my DUI days.  Thanks.

Facets + CUI would be a dream! Please...

@frank: you remember this post?
works OK if you just have one library path, with different sources not more. Any idea how to "imitate" somehow the facets functionality in CUI?
Thank you very much!

Facets (foo_facets)

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It's great to see a new version of foo_facets, which is an essential plugin for me ever since it had been first released. Many thanks to Frank for once again improving this great plugin 

The added functionality, especially the filters and the context menu shortcuts are really, really usefull. The only downside so far is that the toolbar looks a bit clumsy, with oversized elements. Even if you set it fixed, it will change according to the content of the drop down boxes. For example, if I select "Missing Replaygain" from the filter box, it gets streched so far that it won't fit in line anymore with the other elements which confusingly break down into a new line.

IMHO, it would be great if those drop down elements could be designed to be more compact and to maintain a fixed size. Thank you very much

Facets (foo_facets)

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Would be nice to have a little X instead of the reset button to save space, like you see in most browsers.

Great work so far!


Facets (foo_facets)

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So I was updating Foobar's plugins.

And shat my pants when I saw there was one for Facets. GJ!


Facets (foo_facets)

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ist it possible with the Filter, that more than one genre is shown, for example "folk" and "Folkrock" ?


Facets (foo_facets)

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Maybe it's a little bit to early for a request but as i consider it as quite pretty here a suggestion:

How would it be if sorting by another column than the main one would also apply groupings inside a facet? This idea is nice as it wouldn't require to let define the user grouping patterns: they could either use the display name (normal columns and statistic columns) or some hardcoded patterns where they make sense for some statistic columns.

In latest WMP you can get a taste how it would be:

IMO the screenshot shows that a small border drawn around the album art is an aesthetical improvement. Or just a matter of taste?

Facets (foo_facets)

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The albumart function needs a thumbnail cache, right now it's slow as hell when there are many entries.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Ok.. I played a bit more with the syntax..
Hum I tried using "|" to display some multilevels, it isn't supported though.
Does it make sense as it does to me, to consider adding support for it in the future?

Facets (foo_facets)

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Does not make any sense to me. Different visual metaphors drilling down to detail for differing components. Facets already does multi-levels across facets. If you want all the detail within one window, you have the album list.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Good to see this being updated. Thank you very much! I have a request, not sure if it's possible or if you'd like to implement it but I thought I'd throw it out there. Would it be possible to make a column below other columns, for example see: winamp library. I've always been a fan of the winamp library, but I've always preferred foobar, mainly for the customization and native .cue support. Thanks for hearing me out!

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